Once Again, Students from Amsterdam Show Appreciation for KWN’s Contribution

On June 8, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) Executive Director, Igballe Rogova met with a group of students from the Amsterdam University College, Netherlands.

This was the second year that this meeting took place via the Zoom platform. The students took part in an interactive discussion, asking questions and also sharing their perspectives.

Rogova spoke about the history of the women’s rights movement in Kosovo, as well as the work by KWN since its foundation, and its six key programs.

She highlighted the recent research report launched by KWN, “A Seat at the Table”, which examines the roles, contributions, and needs of women related to peace and security processes in Kosovo.

“This report describes the valuable role of women’s rights organisations in peacebuilding. I have to say, once again, that local women’s rights organisations and activists have the information and the trust of their communities. Without their involvement in all parts of the conflict cycle, we will not prevent conflict or build inclusive peace,” she emphasized.

“There is no peace, without justice,” Rogova added.

The students appreciated the meeting, seeing it as a valuable experience and a wonderful opportunity to closely understand KWN’s work, and also the course of cultural and social processes throughout various periods in Kosovo.

Over the past two years, Rogova has discussed with the students of this university the rights of women and their impact on the history of Kosovo and peacebuilding. 

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