Partners Kosova

Partners Kosova (PK) invited not only women, but men as well to their one-day presentation on “Women’s rights in property division and inheritance” in Lipjan municipality on May 28. The Municipal Officer for Gender Equality attended the presentation as well.
“While advocating on this topic, we should work on raising awareness among both genders and among people of different ages and backgrounds,” said Hilmije Ramabaja, Training Program Manager, Mediator and Trainer at PK. “Only in this way we will be able to reach as many people as possible and change the patriarchal mentality, which denies women this basic right.”
     PK plans to organize similar presentations in three other municipalities: Skenderaj, Drenas and Ferizaj. Afterwards, groups will advocate further on the topic during a second meeting in each municipality, where representatives of institutions and other stakeholders will discuss the topic.
“I liked this idea very much, and I would suggest to widen the discussion of this topic as much as possible, so there is harmony between the existent legal framework and the practical aspect,” said Gafurr Ademi, Officer for Legal and Property Issues within the mayor’s office. “In our society’s circumstances, it is very important that men also are present where such topics are discussed in order to raise awareness.”
     This initiative was supported by the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF), financed by Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).