Prishtina  Joins the  World in  Global Climate Strike  

Prishtina became part of the Global Climate Strike which was marked worldwide on 20 Septemberdemanding action against global warming.  

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) joined local and international activists as part of this march, which started at Skenderbeu Square. The crowd continueto parade in front of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. 

“Help us save the earth”, “Our home is on fire”, “There is no plan B” were some of the slogans on signs carried in the hands of the protesters. There were calls to put public health ahead of private profit, to stop the construction of power plants, and to cancel the “New Kosova” project. 

The wave of protests was part of a global strike inspired by Swedish climate activistGreta Thunberg, 16. 

The marches are believed to have been the largest protests against global warming in history, attracting as many as 7 million worldwide