Surrounded by Friends, KWN Marks 17th Members Annual Meeting

On December 7, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held its 17th Annual Membership Meeting, attended by KWN member organizations, partners, friends, colleagues and supporters of the work and activism for many years. 

Ariana Qosaj Mustafa, KWN Chair of the Board opened the 17th Annual Membership Meeting with a minute of silence for the victims of Albania earthquake. 

She continued by stating that “Today here we are not only girls and women, but men and boys as well are present. This shows that support for KWN is only increasing from day to day. We have always promoted partnerships and solidarity to move things forward.” 

Similar appreciation for KWN’s activism and work was given by Gjylieta MushkolajProfessor at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law and Correspondent Member, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo. 

“KWN, without doubt is aware of the power of the Constitution and its political and legal structures. […] Therefore, KWN is working hard to create an environment conducive to the cultivation of a constitutionalist culture, where the values of our Constitution will not remain mere words on paper”, Mushkolaj said.  

Whereas, Vetone Veliu, Executive Director, Mitrovica Women’s Association for Human Rights has highlighted that the change women achieve when they come together benefit the whole society. 

“As women of course we can make changes, but big positive changes can only be achieved as part of KWN. KWN has brought us all together over the years, gathering together and doing great and valuable work for women, but also for society generally,” said Veliu. 

For the second time the annual “Sevdije Ahmeti” Award was given in honour and memory of feminist activist and humanist Sevdije Ahmeti (1944-2016). This year, it was given to Luljeta Pula-Beqiri for her contribution and commitment for women’s movement during the ‘90s. 

“I honestly thank KWN. You have greatly honoured and respected me, you have valued my life’s work, and this is all happening after 20 years of total silence.” said Luljeta Pula-Beqiri. 

Subsequently, Adelina Trshani, Project Coordinator of KWN, read Safete Rogova’s poetry dedicated to Luljeta Pula-Beqiri 

The 17th Member Annual Meeting continues the tradition that began in 2003 by hosting the First Member Annual Meeting, as a responsibility to the highest governing body that oversees and evaluates KWN’s work under its Statute.  

Igballe Rogova, KWN’s Executive Director, recalled the beginnings and the tradition of Annual Members Meeting. 

“In the first Annual Meeting we counted a total of 33 member organizations, whereas today we have 158 member organizations. We are growing each day, therefore I genuinely thank all supporters who believed in the work and activism of KWN”, Rogova said.  

Rogova has also announced that the funds gathered from the selling of KWN promotional materials will be donated to purchase a wheelchair for Resmije Rahman – known as Biba, OPDMK member. In the background a movie about Rrahmani was playing.  

Knowing that KWN considers the Annual Meeting as an excellent opportunity to share information and increase solidarity between women, KWN’s staff reported on the work done during 2019, focusing on the 6 programs of the 2019-2022 Strategy, with special emphasis on the six main programs: 1. Strengthening the Feminist Movement in Kosovo, 2.Women in Politics and Decision-making, 3.Women’s Right to Healthcare, 4. A Life Free from Gender-based Violence, 5.Women’s Economic Empowerment, 6.Improving Access to Quality and Gender Sensitive Education. 

KWN Members unanimously approved the Annual Report 2019, further in the second part of the meeting members re-elected Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa and Magbule Hyseni as KWN Board Members, whereas Vlora Hoti was elected as a new KWN Board member. Meanwhile, Blert Morina and Eli Gashi were voted as members of the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) Grants Evaluation Committee. 

The KWN 17th Annual Meeting was supported by the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, and Austrian Development Agency (ADA).