The Exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence Behind Walls” is welcomed in Mitrovica


Hundreds of citizens gathered today at Isa Boletini Square to visit the exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence behind walls” organized by Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN).

This traveling exhibition presents a symbolic home labyrinth that reveals some of the stories gathered by KWN regarding women and men who have experienced domestic violence.

“The Center for the Protection of Women and Children – Raba Voca” – the organization that supported this exhibition has highly appreciated the role that the exhibition carries with it.

“We believe that our citizens will become aware of where to report cases of domestic violence”, said Fidane Hyseni, director of the shelter. We are grateful to KWN for this exhibition and for the opportunity to come together and organize this event” Since the beginning of this year a total of 42 victims of domestic violence have been housed at the shelter.

The “Standing Walls” part of the exhibition raised much curiosity among the citizens. Through inscriptions on these walls, Mitrovica residents were informed on key institutions that tackle such types of violence and how citizens can reach out to these institutions to exercise their rights.

Find the brochure of the exhibition HERE.

Kosovo Police (KP) representative Fitim Zahiti spoke about the need for institutional cooperation for a more efficient treatment of domestic violence cases.

“All of these institutions, organizations, and the shelter function as a chain,” Zahiti said, “and if one of these steps do not work then domestic violence will not be properly addressed”

The exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence behind walls” unfolded last month in Prishtina, Gjilan, and Gjakova.

This exhibition is supported by the European Union (EU) through UN Women (#EVAW) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

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