The Exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending violence behind walls” Opens in Drenas

Today (November 6th) citizens of Drenas had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending violence behind walls”, which has been stopping at cities throughout Kosovo since June 2019. The exhibition tells the stories of women and men who have experienced domestic violence, and encourages citizens to break their silence and seek institutional support for cases related to domestic violence.

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and the Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights (QPDG) collaborated to bring the exhibition to Fehmi Lladrovci Square.


“We are aware of the most common problems that concern us as a society, including domestic violence. We are here to call for more institutional support from all other actors dealing with domestic violence cases” said Jetmira Morina, Social Worker at QPDG.


“According to statistics from January to November 2019, 34 cases of domestic violence were reported and initiated, which is 7 more than in 2018. Of this34 , 9 people  were arrested and detained by the Prosecution, and 4 victims were taken to the shelter. I encourage everyone who hears of such cases to let us know since we are unable to know what is happening in every house, and neighbors know about their neighbors and what is happening next door, so we can prevent even the worst scenario” said Nazmije Rukiqi, an Investigator at the Domestic Violence unit at the Drenas Police Station.


An important part of the exhibition is called “Retaining Walls” and  educates citizens about their rights in cases of domestic violence.  It also provides contact information for institutions that can help with situations related to domestic violence.

The exhibition in the municipality of Drenas is supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the European Union through UN Women.

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