The Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023 is launched

Pristina – On 4 April, the Government’s Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023 has been launched. Strategy’s objective is to increase the participation of Civil Society in policy making.

This Strategy is of a great importance to civil society activists, taking into account that only an active and empowered civil society can influence better policy making for citizens, as well as monitor the implementation of these policies.

It is foreseen the recruitment of two new officials responsible for assisting the implementation of the Strategy, with an allocated budget of 253.300 Euros for the implementation of the Strategy and of the Action Plan.

In total there are four strategic objectives for the implementation period 2019-2023. The first strategic objective is for Increasing the participation of civil society in policy making. This objective aims to raise citizens’ and also civil society’s knowledge of public consultations, as well as improve civil society capacities to contribute to this process.

The second strategic objective is for increasing accountability and transparency in public financing of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). According to this objective, the Government should draft and adopt standards and procedures for offering public services by CSOs, including here the coverage of licenses.

The third strategic objective is developing practices and procedures for contracting public services from CSOs. It aspires to improve the overall political and institutional framework for regulating the economic activities of civil society organizations. It also foresees systematic gathering and publication of the information on the potential of these organizations to provide public services to public institutions.

And the fourth strategic objective is set for the increment and the promotion of volunteering in programs of public interest. The intent here is to establish a comprehensive legal and institutional framework to support the development of volunteering, including also civil society capacity building to recruit, engage and manage volunteers.

Noteworthy that in addition to the funds from the state budget, the implementation of these strategic objectives will be supported by technical assistance from the European Union (EU) as well. Furthermore, additional funding is expected from donors in the field of civil society development as well as by CSOs whose mission is to develop civil society or specific areas addressed by the respective strategic objectives.

Read HERE the full Albanian version of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023.