The New Family Law is cherished

On March 5, the Initiative for Justice and Inequality (INJECT) organized a roundtable conference to inform the public on amendments made to the Family Law.

The new Family Law entered into force on 17 January 2019 with proposed changes from Luljeta Aliu, Executive Director of INJECT. According to Aliu, “the purpose of these changes [in the Family Law], relies in eliminating inequalities occurring towards the most marginalized group in Kosovo – women.”

INJECT has proposed that Article 47 of the Family Law be added the paragraph equalizing the work of one spouse translated into monetary value, with the contribution of the other spouse on the welfare of the family. Accordingly, the work of women in childcare and home care should be accounted for as part of the economic contribution when deciding on the division of property, such as in divorce cases.

Aliu emphasized the support she received from Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) on publishing her findings based on the law’s analysis. “KWN was amongst the first NGO’s I asked for support for changing the Family Law, and I got it right away” she said.

Albulena Haxhiu, Head of the Legislative Committee expressed her gratitude on the initiatives that aim to eliminate patriarchy and support accomplishing gender equality. “It is a major issue the fact that according to the latest statistics, 80 % of women in Kosovo belong to the inactive category of the population. Whereas according to findings from KWN, 30 % of employed women work without contracts. This is scandalous”, said Haxhiu.

Other panelists also recognized the importance of this legal initiative. Jo-Anne Bishop, Gender Advisor of UNMIK and Rozafa Kelmendi from UN Women conveyed their optimism that this change will lead to open more doors of hope for women, and it will provide them financial stability.