The second regional meeting of feminists against femicide was held

 On April 4 and 5, in Belgrade, was held the second regional meeting of feminists against femicide. Femicide means killing women just because they are women. At this meeting, feminist activists from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro presented data from their respective countries on violence against women in general and more specifically on the murder of women or femicide. Adelina Berisha, advocacy coordinator and gender-based violence researcher in the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) participated in this meeting.

        The purpose of this meeting was to organize the same or similar activities and initiatives in all the aforementioned countries in order to create a common methodology for preventing and combating the killing of women as a region.
      Some of the key issues that were adopted at this meeting were: expansion of the feminist network in the region by including the representatives from Hungary, Slovenia and other countries of the region as well as seeking of opportunities for finding financial resources that would enable cooperation in combating femicide in the region.