The women of Fushë Kosova’s Uglar introduced to the Mechanisms against Domestic Violence

On February 22, “Luna” organization held its last meeting on the project “The promotion and protection of women’s right- against gender based violence”. This meeting took place in Uglarë, a village of Fushë Kosova and gathered over ten women from Serb community.

The subject of discussion was: “Informing women for their rights in case of domestic violence, regarding institutions, the support and acknowledge of problems which women from non-majority face when they are subject of domestic violence”.

Nevenka Riaklo, Director of “Ruka Ruci” organization, a member organization of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), gave a detailed description of this initiative for the attendees.

Amongst the speakers in this meeting was Ariana Qosja-Mustafa, Programme Director and Senior Researcher of KIPRED, and also Chair of the Board of KWN. She spoke about the causes and the most common victims of domestic violence. She also introduced the participants to the Law on Domestic Violence Protection, and the institutional ways to pursue in case of experiencing such a violence.

Qosja-Mustafa stated that Kosovo’s laws guarantee equal treatment, but the implementation of these laws remain weak.

Furthermore, the participants discussed amongst themselves for the importance of law implementation, and also about the forms of institutional response in the cases of domestic violence.

The participants highlighted the need for the Government to provide funds for running  the Office of Free Legal Aid, which used to exist in Graçanicë.

This initiative is supported by Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) of KWN, and is financed by the Austrian Development Agency (DA).