Participants celebrate the new Centre for Gender Studies and Research at the University of Prishtina.

University Establishes Centre for Gender Studies, Research

The Institute for Social Studies and Humanities (ISSH) of the University of Prishtina and Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) College launched together the Centre for Gender Studies and Research (CGSR) at ISSH on 24 Nov.
Earlier in the day, ISSH and GRID organized a workshop, which resulted from one year’s cooperation between ISSH and Dartmouth College. The workshop gathered representatives of civil society, Kosovo institutions, national and international agencies and academic staff in identifying the objectives of this initiative.
     The Centre’s goal is to provide a national body of scholarship and analysis that will help leaders in Kosovo and the Balkans as they implement policies that support gender equity. The Centre also will serve as a forum for events and programs designed to foster skills that prepare women for leadership roles. The need for such a Centre has been articulated by scholars in the region. The initiative to establish the Centre arose as a result of the President of Kosovo’s International Women’s Summit and its resulting “Prishtina Principles”.
     “This initiative reflects upon the responsibilities which we carry and which we must take upon ourselves in order to advance the position of women in our society, whether we are leaders of the public, political or academic institutions, members of the private sector or civil society, ordinary citizens,” said Atifete Jahjaga, President of the Republic of Kosovo, during her speech at the Centre’s official opening ceremony.
     This Centre will address the aforementioned problems by conducting research and analysis that can be used to inform policy and create a core of scholarship that will serve the nation and the region going forward. The centre will also provide a forum where scholars can exchange ideas and partner with government agencies to move those ideas directly into action.