V Empowers Activists to Dream beyond Patriarchy, Unite against Violence

On Tuesday night (21 November) feminist activists in Prishtina were inspired by V (formerly known as Eve Ensler), the award-winning, globally renowned artist, activist and writer. She spoke about how her art has inspired her activism. 

“What motivated me is rage and love,” she said, discussing how both empower her work. 

She reflected on how patriarchy through power, domination and money enable continued violence against women, the expansion of fascism, growing conflict globally and regression in women’s rights. 

In this atmosphere, it is easy to lose hope and succumb to loneliness and depression.  

What motivates V to continue, amid the pessimists who say that violence against women will never end? 

She refuses to accept such lack of imagination that a future without patriarchy and violence is indeed possible. She invited the audience to imagine what such a world would look like and to work together towards co-creating it. 

“No-one has ever talked us out of our dream”, she said. 

The global One Billion Rising movement, initiated by V in cooperation with activists around the world, recognizes the fact that one in three women have suffered violence, totalling more than one billion women. If all women who have suffered violence rise up together, we can realize our dream of ending violence against women. 

“This energy of one million women, men supporters and their allies all dancing together could end patriarchy”, V said. The whole earth would move. “We have power. We just need courage and organization.” 

When asked about the role of social media in the movement, she was conflicted between the misinformation and loneliness it causes and its power to spread information. 

“Social media is an add-on, but it’s not it. … You have to feel and touch [the movement] with your body.” She emphasized the importance of networking, physical contact, and dance in motivating and expanding the global feminist movement.  

V encouraged and empowered activists to join the struggle, to unite in ending patriarchy and violence against women, and to dream of and work towards the new world we can build together. 

The event was co-organized by KWN and Artpolis with support from the National Library.