Vita-Jeta Marks the World Osteoporosis Day

 Osteoporosis is a painful disease that gradually weakens bones, eventually leading to bone fracture. World Osteoporosis Day – 20 October, aims to raise awareness on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease.
    This year, KWN member organization Jeta-Vita, in cooperation with Asociationi për Osteoporzë i Kosovës (Association for Osteoporosis of Kosova) organized an awareness raising activity with the motto: Osteoporoza Sëmundje e Heshtur që Kërcënon (Osteoporosis, the Silent disease that Threatens). They distributed flyers with information on the disease.
     “Activities of this kind are very necessary. Before this activity I did not have any knowledge of the risks of this disease, and now I have all the necessary information” said one participant. 
This activity gathered 50 people, who subsequently marched through city square holding flyers with information on osteoporosis.
 “I think we achieved our goal of informing citizens about this disease; we also offered an information session to members of our organization,” said Ajshe Nuhiu, Executive Director of Vita-Jeta.