We March, We do not Celebrate: Women and Men Marched Again for Human Rights

International Women’s Day, 8 March in Kosovo was marked with many activities organized by civil society, activists, academics and students.

This year again in Prishtinë was marched for economic and social rights, as a precondition for a decent civic engagement, to seek employment without exploitation, equality, freedom and social justice, employment with salaries for a dignified life, and also against sexism, homophobia, transphobia and racism. The participants also called for health insurances, safety at work and a right to work free of discrimination of age, ethnicity education, sexual orientation and skills.

“We march, we do not Celebrate” protest started from 12:00 PM, where hundreds people marched from “Zahir Pajaziti” Square, passing by Central Bank of Kosovo, the Municipality of Prishtina, the Basic Court, and then to the Government of Kosovo/Parliament. Protesters were chanting slogans drafted by the group such as: “My body, my right”; “Do not touch my inheritance!”; “I do not want flowers, I want a work contract”; and “The profession has no gender”. Activists under the motto “We march, we do not celebrate” urged citizens to mobilize together against the injustice and exploitations at work, in both public and private sector.

Similar marches were also held in other places in Kosovo, including Rahovec, Prizren, Mitrovicë and Ferizaj, where a large number of citizes protested in the streets.