Women of Llapje Unite their Forces to Advocate

 On Oct. 9, the two organizations Ruka Ruci and Open Door organized a workshop where 24 girls and women from Llapje village participated.
   The workshop took place in spaces of organization “Avenija” in Llapje. Participants discussed everyday problems that they deal with in life and as well as working towards creating solutions for such problems. 
   Representatives of both organizations presented their work and discussed the importance of women’s economic empowerment. Representatives also emphasized the importance of the worshop in increasing awareness of the issues surrounding women’s economic empowerment. “When we don’t know our own rights we cannot even ask for them,” said Belgjyzare Muharremi, Executive Director of Open Door. 
    The first discussion that took place was centered on the lack of implementation of laws. One participant stated that the laws are written well, but they are not implemented in practice. 
    Nevenka Ricallo from Ruca Ruci, stated that “we are the ones that should push the implementation of these laws. The first step is to know these laws better so we can start to advocate about it.” 
     The girls and women who participated had the opportunity to learn more about the Law on Gender Equality, Law on Local Self-Government, and Law on Inheritance. From the discussions, the conclusion that was reached was that most women do not know how to approach the institutions that are responsible for enforcing the laws that are supposed to protect women’s rights in theory. Both organizations will work towards educating young girls and women about how to advocate for their own rights in addition to continuing to raise awareness about the mentioned laws that are in place in order to secure women’s rights.

  “This activity was organized as part of the initiative "Women’s empowerment though the establishment and activation of two women’s groups that will raise awareness for women’s rights and their participation in decision-making processes", supported by Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF) in amount of €7.740 and financed by European Union Office in Prishtina.