Young Activists learn about Integrated Security

On 29 January-1February, a workshop titled “Integrated Security for Young Activists” as organized by the NGO Artpolis, member of KWN. Participants of the workshop included young activists on women’s rights from various organizations, including three KWN representatives.
    During the workshop, a safe space was created to reflect on the welfare and personal safety of the activists, stress management, trauma management, time planning, and other topics related to activists’ welfare and their safety and security. 
The workshop was facilitated by Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, Artpolis, and Svjetlana Markovič, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, BeH. During the workshop, activists discussed different topics and shared intimate stories with one another. All those stories will remain confidential, as explicitly stated.
  “We had the opportunity to discuss issues that concern us, in a safe space where we were not judged by anyone,” said one participant. “We really needed this workshop”.  
   Participants had the opportunity to learn more on bio-energy, and to reflect on their future plans, to think more about themselves, and to put themselves first.