Young Feminist Continue Their Meetings

Young Feminist from all over Kosova have been meeting, discussing, and debating. The meetings gathered 44 girls from Prizren, Gjilan, Mitrovica and Gjakova, from 8 to 11 of September.
Participants continued to discuss the difficulties and problems they face in their everyday lives.  
     Girls in all municipalities raised very similar and worrying issues, such as lack of access to education, sexual harassment in streets, schools and work.
      “Questions on your marital status, or photo requirements in job applications should be legally forbidden”. Said one participant
Other problems raised included early marriages, lackof knowledge onreproductivehealth and the absence of qualified psychologists in schools.
     Girls stated that these problems can be avoided only if there is dedication and hard work.
The initiative has been renamed to “FemACT – we go beyond talking” and will continue its activities in the months to come.