75 CSO Members Commit to Register Property

 During the KWN retreat in Durres from 7-10 Nov, 75 CSO representatives signed a joint declaration committing to register property in their names, as well as to encourage women in their communities and to work with their staff members to register property in their names.
The initiative was related to the For our common good” campaign, which aims to raise awareness among citizens in the Republic of Kosovo regarding women’s right to register property.  
    In addition to taking part in the “For our common good” campaign, KWN members also learned about the important process of registering illegal constructions. A representative from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning informed members about legalizing illegally constructed objects.
Illegal constructions (house, buildings, etc.) can be legalized until 5 Feb. 2015. They explained the steps that should be taken to secure a permit for legalization. 
   Legalizing illegal constructions is crucial, they said, because:

  1. Your constructed object becomes legal and safe for habitation or use;
  2. The first step is taken towards registering your building in the Cadastre;
  3. Your constructed object may serve as collateral to obtain loans from banks;
  4. Your municipality will plan and deliver services that you need;
  5. You will not have to worry that your constructed object may be torn down.

“If you do not register your non-permitted constructed object, you will lose the opportunity to legalize the constructed object,” said MESP representative.
To apply for legalization of illegal constructions, you should complete a standard form which can be found on the website of your municipality and the website of the Ministry, or you can obtain it in person in your municipality. The completed form should be submitted along with the required documents and evidence of tax payments in the amount of one hundred (100) euros. Only completed applications will be reviewed. Therefore, you must make sure that all documents required by section 10 of the Law on Treatment of constructions without permit (2013/04-L-188)are submitted. This is a unique and important opportunity to register illegal property before its too late!
The For our common good” campaign is being organized under the patronage of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Jahjaga, and is supported by the Agency for Gender Equality (AGE) in the Office of the Prime Minister. Several other international organizations and non-governmental organizations including KWN are involved in the campaign coalition, which has been coordinated by GIZ.
    In 2014, only 16.2% of persons registering property were women, and women own only 8.1% of property in Kosovo. Women’s access to property is not only a right guaranteed by law, but also a crucial prerequisite for women’s wellbeing, access to finance and independence.