A Prosperous Cooperation  Made Possible by Fulbright   

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) is honoured to have hosted for six weeks (August-October 2019) a Professor and Communication Expert from Idaho State University, Dr. Martine Robinson Beachboard.  

The entire staff, particularly Public Relations (PR) staff, and KWN’s member organizations benefited tremendously from her professionalism and expertise, shared through interactive workshops and her assistance in developing strategic communications plans as well.  

As part of the initiative titled “Advancing the Strategic Communication of KWN”, Beachboard led 10 interactive workshops with 20 staff members, had face-to-face meetings with 17-member organization representatives, edited a range of publications and mentored staff writers individually, assisting them with a range of writing tasks and developing strategic communications plans as well.  

Beachboard led a workshop on building public relations strategy on 13 September. She introduced KWN member organizations to best practices in promoting their institutions to a wider audience through professional writing and improved social media presence. 

“Even though I knew a lot of things about public relations, this training was very practical and helpful,” said participant Ms. Venera Ismaili from NGO Artpolis–Centre for Art and Community. 

Beachboard also met with Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT) representatives in October, providing tailored support.  

“We really appreciated Professor Beachboard’s visit to KRCT. The open discussion we had with her really helped us think about how we should work on presenting our organization”, said Franklin Cade Martin, PR Officer at KRCT. “Her perspective on how to tailor a message in a way that highlights our strengths and showcases what sets our organization apart has been a great reference point as we’ve begun to work on new projects. Having an outside professional perspective is always a wonderful opportunity, and we hope that Professor Beachboard’s visit was as successful for her as it was for us.” 

The contribution and help of Beachboard remains highly appreciated among KWN staff members. 

GresëSermaxhaj, KWN PR Coordinator, was among the people who worked closely with Beachboard.  

“I had the delight to cooperate with Dr. Robinson Beachboard since her very first day at KWN. Starting from her day-to-day insights to her being a professional and genuine helpful hand for major issues, Beachboard’s contribution was of a distinguished importance and deeply valuable in our daily work,” Sermaxhaj said.  

Further, Rudina Voca, PR Intern at KWN for five months now, appreciates the skills she gained by co-working with Beachboard.    

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Dr.Beachboard on building public relations strategy for KWNVoca says. “She also mentored me on writing and editing a range of publications related to KWN’s activities. During workshops on communication and the individual meetings with KWN member organizations, I had the chance to assist Martine; an opportunity that helped me a lot with improving my effective communication practices”. 

Satisfaction with the short-term professional relationship was reciprocal. “It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had,” Beachboard commented. “Kosovo is a small country bringing numerous assets to bear in facing its post-war challenges. Among its strengths are the women activists who strive to raise standards of human rights and fairness.” 

She thanked KWN for the opportunity and added, “This trip gave me a deeper appreciation for the Western Balkans. Now I aim to share my perspectives with other Americans.” 

Beachboard brought her professional and academic expertise to KWN thanks to the United States (U.S.) Embassy in Prishtina, through the Fulbright Foundation World Learning Program, which helps American scholars share their expertise with relevant organizations abroad. Her support to KWN was co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency.    

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