Communication Workshop with Member Organizations

Psychology of persuasion, creativity through brainstorming, and Facebook practices were the focus of the Workshop on Communication with member organizations of Kosovo Women’s Network.

The KWN headquarters organized a workshop session on building public relation strategy on 13th September. The session was led by public relations expert and journalism Prof. Martine Robinson Beachboard, who introduced to the members the best practices in exposing their organizations to a wider audience through professional writing and improving social media presence.

Representatives of twelve member organizations of Kosovo Women’s Network gathered together to discuss strategic planning of delivering key messages to the public. Apart from the theoretical part, participants also had the opportunity to work in pairs on elaborating why their organizations need PR, later by practicing brainstorming techniques, they developed a strategy on promoting an event with media and the general public.

In the last phase, the workshop focused on professional writing where all participants got to improve their writing process. The purpose of these exercises was to enable participants to provide feedback in order to further improve member organizations’ communication strategy.

 “Even though I knew a lot of things about public relations, this training was very practical and helpful,” said participant Ms. Venera Ismaili from NGO Artpolis.



This support to KWN and its members in identifying and implementing innovative communication strategies was provided by an Academic Expert from the United States, Dr. Martine Robinson Beachboard (PhD), supported by the United States (US) Embassy in Prishtina, as part of Fulbright Specialist Program which promotes linkages between U.S. academics and professionals and their counterparts at institutions abroad, and Austrian Development Agency (ADA).