Action for Mothers and Children raises awareness of women on postnatal depression

On 10 May, the Action for Mothers and Children (Organization) organized in Ferizaj a training on the project “Expanding Advocacy Curriculum Information Center for Information on Women’s Health (QIShG) and Training Center Staff”. This project was supported by the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo, and was implemented by theAction for Mothers and Children.
       The project aims advocating at Mother and Child Health Division to strengthen the existing Centres by expanding the curriculum of topics taught in centres, with an emphasis on postnatal depression so that women and girls are provided withvery important information on this topicat the level of primary health care,  training of staff at the Centre on the topic, the development of information and promotional videos, and the Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Health for the revision of the Notebook for Pregnant Women (collected by pregnant women and pregnant women during their first visit at the gynaecologist) with information on Center for Information on Women’s Health (i.e. the existence and location of the Centers, topics to be addressed, the benefits of counselling).

       The direct beneficiaries of the project, through lectures held at the Center, are women with difficult living conditions, with low levels of education, up to illiteracy, and women deprived of their rights by all communities (Albanian, Serbian, RAE, Turkish, Bosniak) in the Municipality of Prishtina, Ferizaj, Shtërpcë, and Mitrovica where the Centers for Information on Women’s Health are functional. There is a total of 19 trained medical servants in these centers on the topic of postnatal depression.

        The participants were delighted with the provision of this training, improving the quality of services and communication between them and the patients, and referring girls and women to these centers, and then to the psychologist or professional psychiatrist.

       Given that in some cases postnatal depression is a consequence of domestic violence, it has been possible to reduce the effect of gender-based violence by providing information on the state of postnatal depression and treatment of these symptoms to girls and women in the post-natal period.

       In addition to the provided trainings, the Action for Mothers and Children Action successfully advocated at the Main Family Medicine Center in the Municipality of Prizren for opening the  "Mother’s Classes" Center as a part of educational programs on mother and child health in Kosovo. These classes provide educational health services for girls, women and their partners, including among others: preparing for a healthy pregnancy, its course and birth process, baby care, the importance of breastfeeding, psychic and physical preparation for the delivery room as well as other information on the child’s care and development. Classes offer advices in an interactive manner in a pleasant room environment.

       The opening of Mother’s Classes Center took place in Prizren on May 31st, thus marking the program’s 7th location point. Up to the present, around 3,000 women have benefited from the support of these classes. During March this year, a center was opened in the municipality of Kaçanik, whilst last year were officially opened the centers in Shterpce and Mitrovica, and a year ago in Prishtina and Ferizaj. The Action for Mothers and Children aims to expand such information centers for pregnant women and their partners also in other municipalities of Kosovo to help increase health education in the country within the primary health care level.