Advocacy for Women’s Rights at Work Continues

Representatives of civil society organizations gathered on October 28 to discuss next steps on joint advocacy for the introduction of Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave in the Labour Law.

In this meeting, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) stressed the need for the Labour Law to be in accordance with European Union (EU) directives, recalling that the current draft of the Labour Law is discriminatory against women. Therefore, an amendment in line with the EU Work-Life Balance Directive is a priority.

Igballe Rogova, KWN Executive Director, said this meeting was important so that all recommendations from women’s organizations can be considered in the amendments of labour law. 

“The unity of organizations working for women’s economic rights is essential to the amendment of the Labour Law,” she said.

The next meetings of this working group will be held under the organization of the Women’s Economic Forum.

All organizations present, as; Women for Women Kosovo, Riinvest Institute, Kosovo Centre for Gender Studies (KGSC), GAP Institute, Democracy for Development (D4D), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Kosovo-FES, Kosovo Stability Initiatives and the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), pledged to continue working until women in the labour market enjoy their full rights.