AGE, KIPA, GIZ, KWN Begin Redrafting Gender Equality Curricula

 The Kosovo Institute for Public Administration (KIPA), Agency for Gender Equality (AGE) in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN have begun collaboration in redrafting the new KIPA curriculum on gender equality for civil servants. Redrafting the curriculum is very important given that the past couple of years have yielded a completely new legal and policy framework related to gender equality in Kosovo.
   AGE, KIPA, GIZ and KWN will begin by organizing discussions with civil servants and directors of municipal directorates, including gender equality officers in diverse municipalities in Kosovo as well as at the central level. Discussions will have two aims
1) To briefly present recent changes to laws relating to gender equality in Kosovo 
2) To assess the needs and priorities of civil servants in older to inform the new curriculum on gender equality for civil servants which is currently being prepared by KIPA. 
The redrafting of KIPA’s curricula on gender equality is being financed by the GIZ Legal Reform project with technical support from KWN and should be completed in early 2016.