American University organized 2015 summer School

This summer American University in Kosovo organized the sixth Peace-Building, Post-Conflict Transformation and Development Program. The program, took place on the A.U.K. campus in Pristina, Kosovo from the 28th of June until the 31st of July. Participants included undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals from various fields and disciplines. The Summer Program 2015 in Kosovo, provided participants with a timely series of lectures and seminars, as well as role playing opportunities and visits to historic sites in the region. 
   Participants also had the opportunity to listen to a lecture from the women’s rights activist and director of Kosova Women’s Network (KWN) Igballe Rogova. Ms.Rogova spoke about the history of the women’s movement in Kosovo, highlighting the movement’s achievements to date, and the challenges it continues to face. 
   Overall, this Program provided an exceptional opportunity for students from around the world, including Kosovo, Serbia and other states in the region to study and debate, with academic experts and veterans of the recent conflict in Kosovo, the lessons learned from that conflict and to examine the efforts to build a new state in its aftermath.