Bent Plays in Prishtina Theatre, “Breaks Taboos”

Following its worldwide travels, people from Kosovo had the opportunity to see the play Bent by Marin Sherman in Prishtina on 21-22 Jan. The play, directed by Andrej Nosov, addresses the topic of homosexuality in Nazi camps. Its cast involves actors and human rights activists: Alban Ukaj, Branko Cvejic, Radovan Vujovic, Boris Ler and Drasko Adzic.
The play enticed a lot of emotions and captured the attention of Kosovo media. It has “broken taboos,” according to
    Spectators filled Prishtina’s Oda theatre, offering an elongated standing ovation following each performance.
“This play had a very good topic and performance,” commented Prishtina Mayor Shpend Ahmeti, who was among the audience members. “It deals with the persecution of people because of their beliefs and their sexual orientation. Therefore it talks about human rights, topics that usually are considered taboo. In this context, art can educate people,” he said.
    The play was produced in cooperation with the Hartefakt Fund based in Belgrade and the LGBT advocacy group Centre for Equality and Liberty (CEL) in Prishtina.
 After the play, CEL organized a discussion with journalists and audience members.