“Break the Silence: Ending Violence Behind Walls” encourages reporting of domestic violence

The traveling exhibition had its first stop for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Peja.

Citizens of Peja gathered at Shkëlzen Haradinaj Square for the exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence behind walls” organized by Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) in partnership with Women Shelter Peja.

Adelina Berisha, Advocacy and Research Coordinator on Gender-Based Violence of KWN, opened the exhibition with a speech on how important it is to report domestic violence.

“An estimated 68% of Kosovar women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes, while many incidents go unreported” said Berisha.

The event is part of a KWN awareness campaign that has been showcased in major municipalities across the country since June. The exhibition began in Prishtina, Gjakova, Mitrovica and Ferizaj before making its way to Peja for the month of October. The exhibition will continue to travel through other municipalities as well.

“We must remember that every person can be a victim, and unfortunately always the primary need of the victim is shelter” said Ardita Bala, director of Women Shelter. “The shelter is obliged to provide a safe and secure place”.

The exhibition encouraged people to break their silence and to seek support from institutions when violence occurs. The event was organized to raise awareness about different forms of domestic violence and to provide citizens with specific information about local support institutions and how to contact them.

“Over the years we have made progress because domestic violence is being reported unlike previous years” said Sebahate Qorkadiu from the Office for Gender Equality, Municipality of Peja

Exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence Behind Walls” is supported by the European Union (EU) through UN Women (#EVAW) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADASA

Find the exhibition brochure HERE. 

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