Dora Dorës Compiles Gender Equality Action Plan for Prizren

 Since the Gender Equality Action Plan for the Municipality of Prizren for 2012-2014 will expire at the end of this year, the association Dora Dorës took the initiative to draft a new version of the plan for 2015-2017. The new action plan contains objectives towards gender equality for the period of 2015-2017 in the Municipality of Prizren. The current Action Plan (2012-2014) contains five focus areas identified by working groups: education; health; economic empowerment; gender based violence; and women in decision-making positions.  In addition, the new plan contains women’s participation in media, culture and sports.  
    KWN’s Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF), the Municipality of Pizren and Swiss Caritas supported Dora Dorës in successfully compiling the new Action Plan during December. 
   “The project succeeded in fostering cooperation between representatives of different areas of work, since the working group consisted of local institutions and civil society,” said Vjosa Curri, Director of Dora Dorës
     The new Gender Equality Action Plan 2015-2017 was published in four languages: Albanian, Serbian, Turkish and English. It will soon be available on the website of association Dora Dorës.
    This plan seeks to improve women’s and girls’ access to quality education; improve women’s and girls’ health and improve the quality of health services; address gender based violence; economically empower women and increase employment; contribute to equal participation of men and women in decision making in all areas of life; improve the image of women in media and culture; and contribute to women’s active participation in sports and culture.
     KWF is supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).