Girls in Gjilan take the Initiative to Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer

 On Oct. 21, 2014, femACT in Gjilan met Assembly Chairwoman Valentina Bunjaku-Rexhepi, and sought support from the municipality to carry out a breast cancer awareness raising street action.

     The meeting began by discussing the risks of cancer, and how the number of cases affected by this disease are increasing more and more, every day. The main problem they raised is the fact that in most cases, breast cancer shows very few symptoms and is thus not detected on time, therefore it is recommended to have regular checkups.
     While the month of October marks the month of breast cancer awareness raising, and since in Gjilan no activity has yet been announced, the femACT young women want to take this upon their hands.
    Ms. Bunjaku-Rexhepi expressed readiness to support girls for this one-day campaign.
"We support activities organized towards ”‹”‹this important goal, which concerns maintaining the health of women," she said. "This awareness campaign is necessary to make women and girls aware for this threat that is very dangerous for their lives. We must work together towards fighting this serious disease, which if detected early can also be cured. "
    The femACT young women were very grateful, and the plans and preparations have already began.
As a result, with the support of the Municipality of Gjilan, and particularly the support of the Assembly Chairwoman Valentina Bunjaku-Rexhepi, on 1 November 2014, in Gjilan, femACT will organize a street action, where they will distribute brochures and give information on breast cancer prevention, symptoms, control, and diagnostics.