Serbian women gather to create better conditions to develop women’s entrepreneurship in Kllokot

Women’s Association (UDZ Naš Dom), together with the non-governmental organization Women’s Center for Rural Development, held a motivational meeting on 28 February in the village of Mogillë, Kllokot Municipality. They met in order to finalize their Action Plan and to exchange ideas on the potential of female entrepreneurs. 

The women of this village, as part of the “Partnership for Development (developing a friendly environment for female entrepreneurship)” project, gathered to create mechanisms and to adopt tools in order to generate favorable conditions for the development of women’s entrepreneurship at the local level. 

Vesna Stajic, Director of UDZ Naš Dom, emphasized that promoting education, economic empowerment and the independence of women in the five municipalities of Central and Eastern Kosovo, such as Novobërdë, Gracanica, Ranilug, Klokot and Partesh, is the main goal of the initiative. 

During the meeting,  the needs of women in these villages were addressed, including urgent public transport. They intend to lobby for the solution to this problem in the Municipal Assembly and the Department of Public Services. 

Among other recommendations are the following: 

  • Advocacy for the implementation of Law no. 05 L-020 on Gender Equality (LGE) in all sectors, as well as providing equal opportunities for women and men 
  • Organizing a program that would empower women to own independent businesses 
  • Albanian language courses for minority women. 

This initiative is supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KGF) and funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). 

In addition to Udruzenje Zena Nas Dom and Women’s Centre for Rural Development, there are 17 other member organizations benefiting from the 13th round of KWF. You can read the full list HERE.