Gruaja Fermere Successfully Completes Initiative to Improve Women’s Access to Health Care

The member organization of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Gruaja Fermere, has successfully implemented the five-month initiative titled “Promoting Primary Healthcare for Women in Rural Areas.”

122 women and girls from the municipality of Rahovec, including the villages of Apterushë, Zatriq, and Krushë e Madhe, have benefited from this project. Additionally, there are around 200 indirect beneficiaries, including their family members and relatives.

Municipal health officials were also included in this initiative, being informed about the current situation in the municipality of Rahovec.

During this initiative, Gruaja Fermere organized four informative meetings with the aim of raising awareness about quality healthcare for women and girls. There were also four lectures held with women and girls from Rahoveci, Apterushë village, Krushë e Madhe, and Zatriq. Additionally, an advocacy meeting was organized with institutional officials.

According to Gruaja Fermere, from these meetings, 82 women became more aware of their rights to access quality healthcare and gained better understanding of the mechanisms for reporting violations of their rights. More women were encouraged to advocate for their healthcare rights and to document and report violations.

Additionally, over 40 women are now more informed about diseases and disease prevention, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, as well as the management of diseases like diabetes. Through advocacy meetings, Gruaja Fermere has also succeeded in raising awareness among some municipal officials and service providers.

The organization “Gruaja Fermere” undertook this initiative as a recipient of the 18th round of the KWN’s Further Advancing Women’s Rights in Kosovo II,” financed by the Austrian Agency for Development (ADA) and co-financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).