Handikos Mitrovica Empowers People with Disabilities through Training

Handikos Mitrovica has completed the initiative “Empowering Women and Girls with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Approach to Reproductive Health,” thanks to the grant provided by the Kosovo Women’s Fund.

Through various trainings, advocacy efforts, and meetings conducted by Handikos Mitrovica over three months, 30 women and girls with disabilities in the Municipality of Mitrovica directly benefited. Additionally, approximately 100 family members and relatives of these women and girls are considered indirect beneficiaries.

During this time, 20 women and girls with disabilities have been made aware of reproductive health, sexual education, and biological and social concepts about sexuality through three-day training sessions. Additionally, 14 girls and women with disabilities have been notified and informed about the role of a Counselor within the Main Center of Family Medicine.

Additionally, Handikos emphasizes that ten women have documented violations within the health system. Through information sessions with experts, 20 women and girls with disabilities have become aware and are ready to officially document and report abuses/violations of their rights in healthcare to the relevant authorities.

On the other hand, 10 mothers of daughters with disabilities have attended training sessions and have been made aware of the importance of sexual and reproductive health. They have also enhanced their capacities to discuss these matters with their daughters with disabilities.

As a result of this initiative, Handikos observes increased cooperation with local institutions to enhance the provision of services to women and girls with disabilities.

Through training sessions, meetings, and informative sessions, 30 girls and women with disabilities have socialized with each other.

The psychologist and trainer engaged by Handikos Mitrovica, Elfije Kelmendi, stated during one of the sessions that the discussion about reproductive health is more than necessary, as it is still considered a taboo topic.

NGO Handikos Mitrovica conducted this activity as a beneficiary of the 18th round of the Kosovo Women’s Fund, supported by the KWN’s Further Advancing Women’s Rights in Kosovo II,” financed by the Austrian Agency for Development (ADA) and co-financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).