Hendifer Organizes Trainings on Cancer

 The number of women endangered by breast cancer appears to be increasing every day, especially in rural areas where people lack information about the importance of early detection and regular visits to the doctor.

     Considering this issue, NGO Hendifer has organized lectures about breast and cervical cancer in different villages of Ferizaj.
      To date, 205 women have taken part in these lectures. Seven villages from Ferizaj Municipality (Jezerc, Cernill, Zllatar, Koshare, etc.) sent written requests to Hendifer to organize this lecture in their villages as well. During lectures women have the opportunity to ask questions about their general health concerns, as well. Women who were worried that they had dangerous lumps received examinations by the doctor who also showed them how to conduct self-exams for breast cancer at home.
    “The number of women participants was surprising high and most of them went to the doctor to take tests,” said Fazlie Bungu, Director of Hendifer. “Unfortunately we had two women diagnosed with cervical cancer, but they were detected in a very early stage, so they are receiving treatment and their lives are no longer in danger.”