High level consultation regarding EU Integration Process and Gender Equality

 On June 30th in Prishtina, a high-level consultation was held on the process of European Integration and Gender Equality. For the first time such a meeting took place at the premises of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and it was the first time that in a meeting of this kind the Prime Minister of Kosovo Isa Mustafa was present.The meeting was attended by Minister of European Integration Mr. Bekim Qollaku, civil society representatives, Agency for Gender Equality in Kosovo, representatives of international organizations operating in Kosovo and Executive Director of Kosova Women’s Network (KWN) Igballe Rogova. 
    Above others Rogova emphasized that " There must be more commitment regarding gender equality and women’s rights from institutions especially from Ministry of European Integration in order for gender equality to be a priority during this very important process”. While, Prime minister Mustafa stressed that "without women and girls we cannot do anything, not only because half of the population is comprised by women but also by the fact that all the studies show that in countries where there is greater involvement of women in economic processes and development processes they are the most developed countries ". Given the importance of the process of Kosovo’s accession to the European Union and achieving gender equality throughout this process as a key factor, equality between individuals was described as the essence of democracy. Without achieving gender equality there cannot be full democracy. Furthermore, it was discussed how to advance gender equality in Kosovo working together with civil society in the process of European integration, in particular in the process of implementing the SAA.Deliu – Kodra, Head of Women Caucus of the Assembly of Kosovo emphasized that "despite the legal framework that Kosovo has, challenges remain in the implementation of laws and in strengthening the mechanisms which regulate these laws”. Other speakers included: Mrs. Flora Macula Director of UN Women in Kosovo, Mrs. Sibel Halimi sociologist and lecturer at the University of Pristina, Mrs. Edi Gusia Chief Executive of AGE – and Mrs. Luljeta Demolli, Executive Director of the Kosovar Centre for Gender Studies. 
      This consultation was organized by the Ministry of European Integration, Office of the Prime Minister – Agency for Gender Equality in Kosovo and the Kosovar Centre for Gender Studies, which is also a member of KWN.