Individual Member Innovative in Supporting KWN

 Did you find 5 cents on the street today? There is a place for that. Consider storing all your extra coins in a jar for KWN. This is what Iziar Mujika from the Basque Country and her family are doing. In addition to joining KWN as an individual member last year, Itziar and her family have found another way to continue their support year-round.
“It’s a little box where we put money, coins usually,” she said. “But that’s how we save for the women of Kosova, little by little.” Her family is also talking to friends, colleagues and neighbours, encouraging them to do the same.
We would love to have more members like Itziar! It’s simple to become a KWN member. Please visit ourwebsite for details. As a member, you will receive updates about KWN’s work and how we have put our members’ funds to good use. You also can feel proud that you part of a worldwide network of people committed to supporting, protecting and promoting the rights and interests of women and girls in Kosovo. P.S.         You don’t have to be a woman to be a member. Several men support our cause!