During the Annual Meeting, KWN members evaluate KWN’s performance in 2013.

Members, Stakeholders Evaluate Positively KWN’s Work

 Another year was concluded with the traditional KWN Annual Membership Meeting, held on 7 Dec., where our members, among other activities, evaluated KWN’s work. Each year members, partners and other stakeholders complete an anonymous questionnaire about the network’s programs and services.
Respondents evaluated KWN’s work during 2013 very positively. They found KWN’s meetings and services “very useful”. Respondents felt that KWN’s biggest successes included implementing its strategy, awareness raising activities and theKosovo Women’s Fund. They also mentioned that with KWN support they submitted 121 project proposals to various donors last year.
“We are small organizations and lack experience in many fields,” one member wrote. “KWN trainings helped us a lot.”
“While applying for grants from the Kosovo Women’s Fund, we learned how to write a project proposal. This is a very big thing for us,” another member said.
Members think that KWF should be supported by local businesses and it also could be presented in other countries in order to find other possible funding.
Respondents also found KWN’s electronic newsletter Kosovar Women’s Voice, website and Facebook page “very useful”.
While they said that KWN staff help them a lot, they would like staff to visit them more often. For this reason, KWN staff plan to organize more visits to members in 2014.