Jahjaga Foundation: Empowering Women and Youth

On 20 March, Jahjaga Foundation was launched in the framework of the Women’s Week–an annual event organized by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which kicked off this Monday in Prishtina.

Jahjaga Foundation is an initiative of former President of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Atifete Jahjaga, which originates during her term in office. Through this Foundation, her aim is to bring a new approach to efficient and significant engagement and representation of marginalized groups. In order to support the development of democracy in Kosovo, the main pillars upon which this Foundation rests are the following: empowerment of women and youth, security and regional reconciliation, or facing the past.
“I am happy and honored to be able to continue the work I initiated through this Foundation when I was President of Kosovo. The need to empower women and youth in Ksoovo is greater than ever,”, Ms. Jajhaga said.  
Furthermore, Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, Director of European Center for Security Studies—George C Marshal, talked about the special cooperation they had had with President Jahjaga for many years.
“She has been a great supporter of change and positive governance. She has continuously advocated for human rights, transparent governance, and equal rights for everyone. At the same time, she was an promoter for the reconciliation process in the region,” Mr. Dayton further added.  
Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) congratulates the former President of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Atifete Jahjata, on launching the Foundation and the continuous work for the women’s rights, human rights.
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