President of Kosova Atifete Jahjaga marches with NGO Jeta-Vita, promoting early detection of breast cancer.

Jeta-Vita Marches to Raise Awareness about Breast Cancer

Prishtina’s city square was covered in pink. Pink ribbons wrapped around trees and hundreds of citizens wore pink ribbons and scarfs, supporting women who suffer from breast cancer. Together, they sent a strong message: they are not alone.
For the sixth consecutive year, the Kosovo Centre for Fighting Breast Cancer Jeta-Vita gathered citizens in front of the National Theatre on 12 October. Following an informative and cultural program, they marched together with the motto: “Early Detection Equals Survival”.
This Jeta-Vita built on prior successes, seeking better cooperation with Kosovo institutions in diagnosing and treating breast cancer.
“We are not asking for mercy,” said Nafije Latifi, Executive Director of Jeta-Vita. “We are not requesting something impossible. We are only requesting quality treatment and early detection of breast cancer. This disease doesn’t affect only women, but the entire family and society.”

President of Kosova Atifete Jahjaga supported the initiative. “I ask all mothers, women, sisters and daughters to have regular medical check-ups because early detection means victory over breast cancer,” she said. “Through our symbolical walk we prove our kindness and solidarity as individuals, as a society and as institutions for all who suffer from breast cancer. Only together can we win this battle.”

Other high level state representatives also expressed their solidarity with people who suffer from breast cancer, offering their support.