Kosovar Student Shares Passion to Address Inequalities, Interning at KWN

Ardita Avdija is in her final year for Psychology at the University of Prishtina. She was a Public Relation (PR) intern these past 4 months with the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). Even though she is studying another field, she is also very passionate about gaining more skills in professional writing and public relations. Before KWN, she worked at local radio stations, promoted books for many authors, and attended non-formal trainings that helped her to shape her perceptions about recent current affairs. Her most cherished part of working with KWN was being primarily involved in fighting for women’s rights and their empowerment. She feels incredibly lucky to have contributed and helped staff with writing and reporting, also with logistical tasks within projects when needed. 
       The most interesting thing for her was understanding the problems Kosovar women face and gender issues in a deeper perspective. As Ardita stated it was challenging for her to work while she was studying, but she knew that this was an excellent opportunity to improve and adapt many other skills, considering the vast amount of great work being done by the Network. Ardita plans on using this experience to expand her idea of what feminism and advocating for gender equality looks like, and it makes her want to work further in this area. “I wish to contribute more and keep my potential for making a significant contribution in the near future related to all the visions and ideologies that I have”, Ardita emphasized. She genuinely feels lucky to have volunteered with an organization such as KWN.