Kosovo Becomes the 48th Running Host to Support Sexual Violence Survivors 

Claire McFarlane from Australia on June 8 ran 16 kilometers in Prizren. This run carried in itself her own strength as a survivor of sexual violence and the powerful message of solidarity with the other survivors of sexual violence around the world as well. 

McFarlane is the founder of an NGO called Movement to Inspire: A global inclusive sports movement to peacefully end sexual violence. The main project is called Footsteps to Inspire. 

Kosovo on the map of McFarlane marks the 48th place in which she ran with the purpose to contribute to a world-wide dialogue around sexual violence.

“Speaking of sexual violence and rape is a very difficult thing for people, running is a peaceful way to talk about this matter in a safe place, although we do not need to talk a lot, we just need to stay together as a sign of solidarity”, she said before starting the run. 

This activity was supported by local organizations; the Organization of Persons with Muscular Dystrophy of Kosovo (OPDMK), FemAktiv and the Shelter for Women and Children-Prizren. 

Resmije Rrahmani, OPDMK, revealed why they have decided to join this running of McFarlane. 

“We support this initiative that comes from Australia, we are supporters of Prizren and Prishtina, and we are great support for civil society initiatives. Sexual violence is much worrying, even though is it not spread as much, because we have a low mentality. I believe that even women with disabilities face violence, albeit we are not talking about it”, Rrahmani stated.  

Kosova Women’s Network (KWN) supported this activity in Prizren, reminding the demand for the dignified treatment of sexual violence survivors and the battle against prejudices they face. 

In this link you can watch McFarlane’s story in TEDx: