Kosovo Student Appreciates Internship Experience at KWN

Ardita Avdija from Gjakova was a Public Relation (PR) intern at the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) for four months, respectively from September to December 2017. She is currently on the eve of graduation from the Department of Psychology at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”.

Today, almost a year and a half after Avdija finished her internship at KWN, she is working on her thesis on Gender Roles and Stress. This comes as an inspiration stemming from her hands-on experience at KWN. Her interest and increased engagement on gender equality-related issues is just one of the things she gained from this internship.

“The internship at KWN has better equipped me with professional writing and editing skills. It was a great and an important experience too, especially for a student. Today I feel fortunate to have been part of a great organization such as KWN,” said Avdija while sharing the lessons that she has carried forward from her experience at KWN.

During the time spent at KWN she mainly wrote stories about activities carried out by KWN and its member organizations, dealt with public relations and also supported logistical organizing when needed, in line with the team spirit at KWN, where everyone chips in.

 “Such a commitment was very beneficial for me in order to be able to understand the obstacles that Kosovar girls and women face on a daily basis, in private and public spheres,” she emphasized. She used this experience to enlarge her understanding of what a women’s rights movement looks like, which, without a doubt, made her want to continue her work and career in this area.

Avdija’s internship is among several supported by the Corvallis Branch of Altrusa. Altrusa was established in 1962 as the charitable arm of Altrusa International. It funds the development and implementation of effective community services and leadership programs around the world.

More information about Avdija’s profile and her participation in this internship is available HERE.