Kvinna till Kvinna organized a training on Monitoring and Assessment

 From 17 until 20 October, Kvinna till Kvinna brought together in Tirana eight partner organizations from Kosovo in a networking meeting to discuss on the process of monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs. Mirjeta Dibrani, Grant Assistant of Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) participated as representative of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). 
       On the first day of the meeting, Yllka Soba, program officer of Kvinna till Kvinna held a presentation on training and the points planned for discussion during these days. This topic was selected upon the request of members. After the end of the first meeting, the members visited the Bunkart Museum where they were informed of its background and construction and the functions of each of those 24 rooms. 
        On the following days, trainer Refki Morina explained topics such as: what is monitoring and evaluation, cycles and importance of monitoring and evaluation for the existence and sustainability of an organization. It was also discussed about the logical framework—what logical framework is and why it is needed. 
        Some of the present organizations had previously not carried out any monitoring and assessment for their work and they understood during this meeting the importance of such process. Meanwhile, KWN shared the work experience with databases for monitoring and assessment, stating that during January-June 2017, it fulfilled 76% of its strategy. 
        During the training, it was also discussed about the results and challenges faced by organizations. When introducing the results, Zana Hoxha Krasniqi from Artpolis Organization said that, “The network in general and the Kosovo Women’s Fund in particular, is an example for the countries of the region and we, as members, should promote it as much as possible because they do make a marvelous work”. 
The participants were happy with the training and said that they will attempt to create a database in their organization which will enable them to monitor and assess the achievements and deficiencies of the organization.