KWN Addresses Ministry, KSF on March 8

On International Women’s Day Mar. 8, the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Forces (MKSF) and the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) organized a meeting with all civilian and military women serving in the Ministry and KSF at “Adem Jashari” Land Force Command (LFC). Participants included: MKSF Minister Agim Çeku, COMKSF Lt. Gen. Kadri Kastrati, COMKFOR General Salvatore Farina, Deputy Commander of LFC Brigadier General Gëzim Hazrolli, MKSF General Secretary Shkëlzen Sylaj, KWN Executive Director Igballe Rogova, Member of Parliament Ganimete Musliu, and members of the KSF Oversight Committee.
     “Women who work at the Ministry and Force are very active, committed and have constantly provided results in their work and service,” Minister Çeku said.
     COMKSF Lt. Gen. Kadri Kastrati strongly supported women’s engagement, stating, “I feel proud that I am the Commander of a Force that successfully serves women and men without distinction.”
     COMKFOR Major General Salvatore Farina expressed enthusiasm regarding the role of women in the armed forces and KSF’s achievements in recruiting women and treating them with dignity. He noted that the recruitment of women began only recently in all NATO countries; Italy started engaging women in the military in 2000. He congratulated Minister Çeku and General Kastrati for their attention to gender equality issues.

Rogova presented a history of women’s involvement related to International Women’s Day in Kosovo.