KWN advocates during meetings with new Ministers

On 12 October, the Minister of Health, Uran Ismaili, received in a meeting the Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Igballe Rogova and the Executive Director of Kosovo Midwife Association, Magbule Elezi.
Rogova and Elezi told the Minister their concerns raised during the last meeting of Women’s Lobby for Gender Equality and KWN Assembly members including: 1. Maternity closures in municipalities and the negative influence in women’s accessing health care; 2. Importance of midwives in the provision of health services in maternities and definition of their job description; 3. Proximity of communities with the health care providers through decentralization.
Minister Ismaili expressed his willingness to work towards fulfilling these demands. He promised maximum commitment so that all the people of Kosovo be provided with quality health care services.
The meeting was closed upon the request of Minister Ismaili who had to hold another meeting with a larger number of women who work in the protection, promotion and support of women and girls’ rights in Kosovo, with a particular focus on matters that affect women and girls’ access to health system.
On 19 October, the KWN Executive Director, Igballe Rogova and Program Manager and Head of Research, Nicole Farnsworth, met with the Minister and Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of the Republic of Kosovo to introduce the main findings from the last report on Budgeting for better Agriculture and Rural Development.
The minister said that, “I wish to strongly support this initiative and will find ways to cooperate in solving the problems and improving the gender equality in the Ministry”.
The Secretary General said that he will invite KWN to participate in the drafting process of the new program of the Ministry and that the Ministry will continue to share information with the KWN members concerning the opportunities for grands and subsidies.
The KWN representatives congratulated Minister Rikalo on his new duty and thanked him for his willingness to continue the support and cooperation with this association. MAFRD and KWN have cooperated closely in conducting gender analysis in order to promote the gender equality through the work of Ministry.