KWN Shares Achievements at 21st Annual Meeting 

The 21st annual membership meeting of the Kosovo Women’s Network was held on Saturday, May 25. It was attended by participants from member organizations, partners, and collaborators from state institutions, friends, and supporters 

In her introductory speech, the Chairman of the Board of KWN, Ariana Qosaj Mustafa, highly appreciated the Network’s work during 2023 in implementing its strategy. She emphasized the importance of unity and the continuous commitment of all members as an essential factor for success. 

She recalled the story of Network’s tireless dedication, which has managed to create a powerful movement that serves as an example in the region and continues to pave the way for future generations. 
The Minister of Justice, Mrs. Albulena Haxhiu, expressed thanks and gratitude for the Network’s three decades of work and commitment in protecting the rights of women and girls and advocating for equality. Ms. Haxhiu called for the joining of forces and pledged to continue cooperation to achieve new societal progress.

Member of Parliament Eliza Hoxha was also part of the Assembly. In her speech, she welcomed the will and persistence of women to achieve their goals, seeing this effort as a window of opportunity for all women who want to change their reality. “By stepping outside the boundaries set by society, women become part of platforms that empower and support each other,” she added. 

International support is essential in this path toward gender equality and justice. Sandra Horina, Adviser and Head of the Office, Austrian Development Cooperation in Kosovo, described the KWN as a successful example of empowering women in the region. She thanked the Network for its relentless work and capacity building of its members, expressing continued support for their future projects. 
 “The network has laid the cornerstones for equality and has played a key role in empowering women’s organizations,” said Vlora Tuzi Nushi, Head of the Office in Kosovo, UN Women. She expressed UN Women’s support for the Kosovo Women’s Network and added that they would continue to take responsibility for implementing the agenda for gender equality in Kosovo and internationally. 
 Safete Rogova, an actress, humanist and women’s rights activist, moved many emotions guests with her interpretation of the poem “I am with you”. She dedicated it to her sister and all women activists, marking 35th anniversary of the activism of the Qiriazi Sisters Association.  

This year, the annual “Sevdije Ahmeti” award was given to Sakibe Doli Dobruna, a consultant for the Safe House in Gjakova. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all women who have fought and continue to fight for gender equality and social justice.” – said Mrs. Sakibe. 
KWN staff reported on the results throughout 2023, towards implementation of the KWN Strategy for 2023-2026. Some of the achievements mentioned included:             

  • More than 70% of the KWN Strategy for 2023 has been implemented. 
  • 253 women have participated in decision-making processes, totaling 6,447 since 2012.  
  • KWN has influenced 10 public policies, reaching a total of 267 influenced policies since 2012. 
  • 10 different women’s organizations actively participated in the EU accession processes. 
  • The EU accession documents significantly better reflect the gender perspective, integrating up to 75% of KWN comments.  
  • KWN contributed to the Law on Public Finances, with 11 KWN members participating in the 2023 budget consultation 
  • 556 individuals were inspired to defend their right to quality health services, totaling 2,555.  
  • 20 women have submitted complaints to the relevant authorities for violation of health rights.  
  • 3 laws and public policies related to the participation of women in the labor force have been improved, totaling 6.  
  • 25 diverse women and men have been made aware of women’s rights to inheritance and property, totaling 10,143. 
  • 178 women who experienced gender-based violence received legal assistance (28 in 2023). 
  • Institutions have improved their performance and legal infrastructure to address gender-based violence. 
  • 92 institutional representatives have been trained to implement the legal framework. 
  • Awareness raising about gender-based violence has improved. 
  • 17 cases of gender-based violence were monitored. 
  • 10 schools were observed, and 5 advocacy initiatives towards improving curricula and teaching methods from a gender perspective were undertaken. 
  • 7 joint initiatives with members and organizations in the region, totaling 261 since 2012. 
  • 29 grants were given to 25 organizations, totaling 281 grants to 153 organizations since 2012. 
  • 4 policy changes resulted from advocacy initiatives of KWF grantees .

The 21st Annual KWN Membership Meeting was funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), and co-financed by the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency (Sida), the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, and the Sigrid Rausing Trust.   

Throughout the year, the KWN’s efforts for gender equality have been supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UN Women.