KWN and KGSC Condemn Sexist Language of Kosovar Men MPs  

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and Kosovar Gender Studies Centre (KGSC) condemn the sexist language and misogynistic attitudes shown yesterday toward women MPs, during the session of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.  

Through this press release, KWN and KGSC express their concern regarding these actions. Moreover, they consider this display of men chauvinism unacceptable as it is a continuation of gender-based offending by men. This sexist and misogynistic language is denigrating women and their position in society, in addition to being a violation of basic human rights which are rooted in the fundamentals of the Kosovo Constitution.  

For KWN and KGSC, this sexism manifested in vulgar language toward women politicians exposes the discriminating attitude many men politicians have. Furthermore, it encourages the unequal social, economic, and cultural constructs between women and men; a situation which threatens to undermine the role of women in politics.  

Such outrageously discriminatory attitudes toward women contradict the objectives set by the Beijing Declaration and the UN Platform for Action. To women’s organizations, this presents a serious concern toward gender progress in Kosovo, which is currently facing a possible regress.   

Women are continually being a constructive part of political processes in Kosovo. Any attempt to undermine their political role through sexist and misogynistic acts is strongly condemned by women’s organizations. This practice fundamentally challenges the achievement of an equal, inclusive society and damages the progressive aspirations of Kosovo.  

We demand individual accountability of the MPs, as well as collective accountability of the political parties for the given statements and attitudes.