KWN and KJC sign cooperation agreement

On October 3rd, Igballe Rogova, executive director of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), and Nehat Idrizi, Chair of the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), signed a cooperation agreement on the monitoring of court proceedings, in order to jointly contribute to the best interest of the public and the judiciary.

This agreement arose as a need after the KWN initiative regarding the monitoring of court hearings of Gender-Based Violence and Gender Discrimination at Work cases, as well as the monitoring of archives for disposed cases, aiming at assessing the trends of convictions in cases from the aforementioned categories.
Through this cooperation agreement, the KJC expressed its commitment to provide full access and cooperation to the KWN in monitoring court hearings conducted in Kosovo Courts, since the KJC provides impartial judiciary services for all Kosovo citizens, and simultaneously works on the capacity building of judges for the protection of persons who have experienced gender-based violence and discrimination.