KWN and Lobby for Gender Equality in Kosovo demand resolving the case of Donjeta Pajaziti, and Express Solidarity with her Family

 During the 13th Annual Meeting of the KWN Members, one of the participants from the Municipality of Deçan, raised her concern for the case of the finding of the body of deceased Donjeta Pajaziti, 24 years old, from Strellc Village in Deçan. Although the Police have not come up with any official statement confirming the cause of her death, according to our sources, her body showed evidence that rape had occurred. 
   Therefore, the representatives of the KWN member organizations and those of the Lobby for Gender Equality (LGE) in Kosovo came up with a joint statementwhereby they expressed their concern about these suspicions, and in case that the suspicions are confirmed, they condemn this macabre act. The KWN and LGE requested that the relevant institutions of the Republic of Kosovo undertake the necessary measures to resolve this case, and do more in providing security to the citizens of Kosovo, particularly for women and girls. Such cases evoke insecurity and make the majority of the citizens of Kosovo feel threatened. Every citizen of Kosovo considers cases such as this one unacceptable.