KWN and Ministry of Justice Strengthen Their Cooperation

On Friday, March 31st, Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu and Political Advisor Nazlije Bala visited the offices of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN).

During their meeting with the Program Director and Lead Research Nicole Farnsworth, the Manager of the Gender-Based Violence Addressing Program, Adelina Berisha and the Officer of the Program, Besarta Breznica, they discussed the importance of continuous cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and KWN, particularly regarding the fight against gender-based violence, as well as possibilities for future cooperation.

“We appreciate today’s reception and the continued cooperation. This cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the Kosovo Women’s Network should be further strengthened and we should consider cooperating on things that we should address together in the future. We thank you for your continued cooperation”, Minister Haxhiu said.

KWN is committed to improving legislation related to gender-based violence and to ensure gender responsive budgeting, in cooperation with institutions. This commitment demonstrates KWN’s dedication to promoting gender justice and building an equal and just society.