KWN Appeals: Vote for More Women in Parliament

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), is calling on citizens to vote more women onto the electoral lists in the early elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. This will be held on Sunday, February 14th 2021.

The campaign started shortly after KWN urged political entities to respect the Law on Gender Equality (LGE) in the lists of candidates which are submitted to the Central Election Commission (CEC). Given that neither the parties nor the CEC implemented this law, it is up to the citizens to elect as many women as possible in parliament.

KWN has campaigned on the ground for this issue in previous years’ elections, and will continue to support, protect and promote the rights and interests of women and young women, regardless of their political background, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation. Supporting women’s participation in politics and decision-making also is part of KWN’s 2019-2022 Strategy.

KWN values ​​elections as a fundamental element of a democratic state and gender equality as a vital right for all people, so we consider it more than necessary that citizens be given equal opportunities. Lack of democratization and low participation of women within most parties unjustly deprives women of participation and contribution in decision-making.

Thus, on February 14, whichever list you choose, vote for more women in parliament!