KWN Awarded Acknowledgements for its Supporters

 During the Annual Meeting, KWN awarded acknowledgements to persons who have marked life achievements or those who have supported the KWN in its journey. 
Acknowledgements for “Courage and deeds that have motivated and empowered girls and women in Kosovo”, were awarded to renowned artists, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Leze Qena and Safete Rogova.
   Other acknowledgements for “Contribution given in carrying out the campaign ‘One Billion Rising’ and ‘Take Back the Night’” and in other KWN activities, were awarded to Oda Haliti, Nesim Maxhuni, Fatos Mehmeti, Rita Parashumti, Orgesa Arifi, and Erëblina Elezaj. 
     This is the third year that KWN is giving awards for its supporters, including in 2013 that were given to activists and artists that contributed to women’s rights; and in 2014 that KWN gave to businesses that continuously supported KWN.